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We Want to Challenge 50 Malaysians to Get Moist & Firmer Skin in 30 Days!

Who is up for the challenge?


You will be required to:

-Drink JeanC collagen + astaxanthin everyday for 30 days

-Post your progress on Instagram feed on day 0, day 10, day 20 & day 30 (4 Instagram post)


You will be given 1 box of JeanC collagen + astaxanthin (worth RM89) as well as getting moist, firmer skin in 30 days 


If you are interested, kindly fill in the form below. Shortlisted participants will be contacted via email by 7th November 2019.

Caution: Product is not suitable for those allergic with seafood. Pregnant & breastfeeding should first consult with your doctor